How to Make Pallet Project for Kids Play House

To a child, a playhouse is like a secret hideout – they are one of those things that liven up their childhood. So, if you have the time to spare, try making this playhouse (you can change the materials to pallet wood, too.) This plan is easy to assemble and disassemble, so you can put it away when there’s the need.

Materials and Tools:

  • 2 of ½-inch plywood sheet
  • 3 of 1 x 4 96-inches board
  • 10 of 1 x 2 96-inches board
  • A gate hinge pair
  • A wooden drawer knob
  • A package of 1-inch brad nails
  • Wood Glue
  • Outdoor sealer
  • Paint of choice


  1. Cut the lumbers according to the plan. Here’s the cut list:
  • ½-inch plywood: 4 of 48 x 48-inches sheet (house sides), 2 of 12 x 48-inches sheet (roof),
  • 1 x 2: a 17-inches piece (door trim), two 38,5-inches pieces (door trim), ten 10-inches pieces (window trim), ten 17-inches pieces (window trim), four 48-inches pieces (house trim), seven 48-inches pieces (house trim), a 4 ½-inches piece (house front trim), and a 21 ½-inches piece (house front trim)
  • 1 x 4: two 28-inches pieces (make 26,4-degree bevel on one end; roof trim) and four 38-inches pieces (door)


  1. (optional) if you want the playhouse to look like realistic, create faux planks one the house-side pieces. Get your circular saw (with an edge guide) then set the saw depth to 1/8-inch. Then, create 6-inches ‘planks’ by running the saw across the width of the planer every 6-inches and create grooves. Do this for all the side pieces.


  1. Then, make slots for easy assembling. Measure 2-inches from the edge then create a ½ x 24 ½-inches slots on both ends. Prepare the roof piece as well by cutting the pieces into triangles (cut from 24-inches from the edge to the ends of the opposing side corners). Attach these pieces to two of the house sides using pocket screws (slots facing down).

  1. Make the windows and doors. Here’s the list:
  • Cut two 10 x 14-inches windows on the two house sides without a roof on. Then, attach the trims on the sides of the windows and the edges of the panel using brad nail.

  • Cut a 10 x 14-inches windows on a side of one of the house sides with the top of the roof. Cut 17 x 38 ½-inches door on the remaining space. Then, install the trims on the edges, window, and door using brad nails.

  1. Make the door by gluing the door boards together and clamp it. While waiting for it to dry, attach the roof trims to the panels with roof pieces using brad nails. Then, attach the house side panels using the slots we made earlier. After the door is set, attach it to the door frame using the hinges and add the knobs. Lastly, paint the house and we are done!

Invite your children to pick out the colors and paint the playhouse! Not only this will make the house more personal, but it will also give them some fun! If a playmate came, this house can easily fit two kids with no problem!