How to Make Plan Toys Kitchen Dollhouse Furniture

The better the toy, the pricier it is. This rule is universal to every toy, but is especially apparent on dolls and its accessories. For something so small and breaks easily, we got to pay bucks! Well, if you are up for some craft, however, this is not going to be a problem because dollhouse furniture is rather easy to make.

Certainly, you can just use cardboard and wrap it with leftover wrappers or paint it pretty. However, this tutorial goes a little extra by using laminated wood. Of course, what we meant by laminated wood is the scrap ones from other projects to keep the cost low. If you don’t have any laminated wood, use some thin plywood sheet and paint or varnish it later.

For your information, this plan will not tell you the exact sizes of the piece nor the end dimension. So, adjust the sizes according to the dollhouse you have or planning to make this furniture a perfect fit for it.


Materials and Tools:

  • Laminate wood (you can use scraps)
  • Polycarbonate
  • Plastic cap
  • Wood Glue
  • Nails
  • Drill
  • Glue Gun
  • Table Saw
  • How Saw
  • Scroll Saw
  • Hand Tools (such as screwdrivers, chisel, etc.)


  1. Firstly, cut two Ls with the exact same sizes. These Ls will be our countertop and bottom. After that, cut two pieces with the width following the width of the Ls and adjust the height depending on your dollhouse’s dimension.

  1. Next, cut the back pieces according to the length of the outer border Ls. Uniform the height with the side pieces we made earlier. For the inner border, cut the board according to the lengths and then divide it into doors and drawer covers. You can also make a divider piece between each cupboard, especially if you want to make a detailed piece.


  1. Make the drawers. Just like our regular drawers, cut a base piece following Ls’ width and the drawer’s width (or a bit shorter than the drawer’s width, if you prefer) as well as the sides, which should be as long as the Ls’ width but the width itself is a bit shorter than the drawer cover. Glue the pieces together.

  1. Next, make the backboard of the drawer by tracing the space made by the bottom and the sideboards. Then, screw the center of the drawer cover for the handle. You can refine the cuts with hand tools. Leave the drawers to dry and set aside.



  1. Drill a sport of the top L for the sink. Then, glue a plastic cap to the hole from the non-laminated side with the glue gun. Then, glue the cupboard divider to the non-laminated sides of both Ls according to your cupboard plan. Finally, glue the back and side pieces with wood glue and let it dry.

  1. Put the drawers in and mount the doors with nails as the pivot. After that, put the kitchen counter in your dollhouse kitchen, put some miniature kitchen utensils on it, and now we have a classy kitchen for the dolls!