How to Make Traditional Workbench Plans

Get yourself a new workbench baby! Get your woodworking projects off the floor! Go get more comfort when working with a new workbench! With this new workbench, you can even store the supplies and materials of your woodworking so that everything can be well organized. You don’t need to buy as you can make one. Check out the following guides on how to make traditional workbench:

Build the Frame 

The workbench should come with two frames: the bottom and the top frames for the shelf frame. The measurements of the frames are as shown in the picture below. To put the whole thing together, use Kreg Jig or wood screws. Meanwhile, to attach all the pieces, you need to use pocket hole screws and pocket holes. Make sure all the screwing can make the pieces breezy so you don’t need to add any more screws from the outside.

Construct the Legs 

Each leg is made from pieces in different sizes. To attach the legs you can use Kreg Jig. You can also add Gorilla Wood Glue for the leg attachment.

Attach the Legs to the Frame 

After the legs are constructed, attach them to the frames. Make sure the bench legs line up perfectly on the outside part of the shelf frame’s bottom and on the inside part of the top frame. To screw those parts you can use screws from heavy duty torx. Before starting the attachment, don’t forget to predrill some holes.

Attach the Shelf 

In doing this step, you may need additional help from other people to help you lift the shelves up. The shelves may be too heavy for you. Besides, you may also need another help from a Home Depot to cut the shelves down for you. Next, attach MDF pieces using Ryobi Airstrike Bailer. You don’t need to add some glue here.

Final Step 

For the final touch, add casters to the workbench. Also, you can give some coats to the bench legs and frames using white paint and some sander to get rid of any rough surface. Make sure every side of your bench is smooth and well finished.

To make the workbench above, you may only need $130. It is surely going to be way cheaper than buying one. The satisfaction from using the workbench even be bigger as the workbench is the result of your DIY project. No more floor now!