How to Make Ultimate Workbench Plans

A great workbench is one of the most important elements in a workshop. But a great workbench can come with a great deal of money. So, why not making it yourselves? Here is the complete guide to make an ultimate workbench. Find out all the materials and the making steps below:

Make the Cuts and Get All the Materials 

It is necessary to make sure everything is ready before starting the project. Look at the picture below to see the list of the materials you will need to make this ultimate workbench. Besides, make sure you also prepare all the supply before starting the project.

  • The supplies for making this ultimate workbench are:
  • 8 pieces of 3/8”x 5”lag bolts along with the flat washers for the bench legs
  • 10 pieces of ½”x 3” dowels
  • 10 pieces of 3/8 x 4”lag bolts along with the flat washers
  • 2 vise handles (in this project, the vise handles are from Lee Valley #05G12.03)
  • 1 piece of shoulder vise (in this project, the shoulder vise is from Lee #70G01/51), and
  • 1 piece of regular front vise (it is from Lee Valley #70G08.01)

Start with the Bench Base 

Drill all the necessary holes to let the lag bolts hold everything together. After that, work with the tough joinery. Make sure the lower rails are bolted and lapped in a certain position to make a certain point with strong connection that can prevent racking.

Next, move on to the large top rails. Make sure the top rails are in their right place and the base is bolted together to see the workbench heft. Next, follow the instruction for installing the front vise. To flush up the vise pad, you can use a hand plane.

Continue with the Workbench Top 

Start working with the workbench top from the wagon vise. The wagon vise is the alternative to a tail vise that is more common. Look at the pictures below to see how the vise should travel in the bench space. In assembling the workbench parts, you may need a help from other people either to help you hold some elements or to help you lift something.

If you are a newbie in woodworking, making a DIY ultimate workbench can sound complicated. However, making it is actually very easy. The DIY workbench is even much easier than you may imagine. Although it is easy, the real enjoyment from this DIY project comes from using the workbench in your daily woodworking.