How to Make Wall Mounted Workbench

Workbench is surely a need of wood workers. Although working on the garage floor is possible, it won’t be comfortable. That’s why, you need the following instructions to make your own wall mounted workbench. No matter how you call yourselves amateur woodworkers, you can still make one, even without a fancy and spacious workshop.

#1 Prepare all The Materials and Tools

Before starting the workbench construction, make sure you already have all the tools, materials, hardware and cuts ready.  For the cuts, you may get them done by other people if you are not able to make straight cuts. Look at the following pictures to see what you may need for this project:

#2 Start with The Worktop

To begin with, set up the workbench worktop. Make sure both sides are functional and visible as it folds. To ease your work later on, don’t forget to predrill all the necessary screw holes to prevent the wood from splitting and to ease each screw. Next, flip the worktop over and add another cut to the edge so that the worktop can be attached to the wall.

#3 Mount the Pegboard

First, mark some studs on the wall using stud finder. Then, align and secure the pegboard to the slates of the wall. You may need an extra help from other people to hold everything up so you can screw in the slats perfectly.

#4 Attach the Workbench

Align the pegboard with the worktop. Make in the proper weight by balancing the worktop on the two sawhorses. Then, center the hinges to the wall slats that support the pegboard. Secure the hinges on the worktop using the 2×4. Then, re-align and attach the workbench it to the wall. Make sure the hinges can be folded well and there are no issues in the folding process.

#5 Give the Workbench a Frame and Paint It

Align the remaining 2×4’s around the sides and the tops in a frame. Then, to hold the frame in place, screws the pegboard. Make sure that when the bench is folded up it does not contact the sides. After that, screw some hooks with some chains at the center of the bench to keep the bench in the upright position. Then, paint the pegboard using chalkboard paint.

#6 Complete the Step of the Construction

There are some ways to give the workbench some finishing. You can give the workbench a finish of vinyl flooring, metal fence posts for the bench legs, and the some paints for the trim side.