How To Make Wooden Truck And Trailer Plan

Especially for boys, trucks and trailers are two fascinating things. No wonder, they might ask for the toys on the way home. The carpenters might be surprised to see the number written on the price tag, but it actually shouldn’t bother them. Why? It is because there is cheaper alternative to get the wooden truck toy.

Starting From The Frame

Although there are a lot of detailed parts, the carpenters are suggested to put the ready to make parts on top of each plan paper. For the chassis, it is suggested to take hard wood instead of the soft ones. The wood then cut into 1 ¼x2½x12 inches.

The hitch area also needs 3/16×2½x12 inches wood, which will be attached to the previous cut. The carpenters have got the chassis. To be able to drill the hitch area, take out the sides wood first and drill. Next is the 5½x3¼x 1½  inches cut for the engine hood.

Building The Little Details

The first one is hitch coupling. It is build from ¼x1½x3¼ inches pieces that have been cut based on the pattern. The finished parts then attached to the back of the chassis. Another piece to make is sleeper. The 1½x3x4½ inches part goes to the center back of the cab.

Don’t forget to make the bumper from 3/8×3/4×4¼ inches wood. This piece goes to the front bottom parts of the chassis.  Now it is time for axles and wheel. The axles are basically 3/8 inches dowels, with two length variants: 4 and 4¾ inches.

Completing the Parts

For the final touch, there are three parts to make: the cab step, fuel tank and exhaust. The cab steps and fuel tank already have certain pattern in the plan. The carpenters could simply follow the instruction and place the piece anywhere that looks great on the toy truck.

The last part is exhaust. In order to make this part, cut 3/8’’ dowel and outside diameter brass. After that, drill ¼” dowels plus ¼ inches diameter to the side of each stack. Provide some distance from the cab and sleeper. Make sure it flushes with the bottom area.

The challenge in building the miniature wooden truck is the number of the parts. Truck has a lot of details that should be presented in mini form. For this reason, the carpenters might need higher focus compared to the other wooden craft. Once they get the grip, the toy truck could be done in no time.