How to Make Your Own Cordless Tool Charging Station Plans

Complete your workspace with a charging station that can store and organize all of your chargers, cordless tools, and accessories. This station can hold up to four units of cordless drills and many other tools, hardware, stowing bits, and other woodworking tools. Her are the steps to make your own charging station:

  • Make the cut out of the charging station pieces for all the sides (back, bottom, mounting cleats, full-depth shelves, top shelf, and the drawer base)

  • Create a slotted shelf to hang your drills by cutting out elongated the shelf piece in U shape and blade for cutting fine wood.

  • Attach the back to the side by aligning the plywood side pieces over the back piece’s edges. After that, drive three wood screws into every side to make square angles.

  • Install the bottom part of the shelf by laying the unit on and then placing the bottom of the plywood piece over the side and back pieces’ end to make all the edges flush. Secure them with wood screws.

  • Attach the mounting cleats by placing the unit to face up the plywood back. Then, horizontally attach the cleats along the bottom and the top of the unit and secure them using wood screws.

  • Make the assembly of the drawer frame. As you need to work closely to the board edges, you need to pre-drill al of the pilot holes before assembling the drawer. After the pre-drilling, set the drawer frame aside.

  • Make a hole for the cords using a hole saw and driver. The top part of the charging station is meant to be the place for cords and chargers. Make sure you provide enough space so they can run neatly behind the station.

  • Install the shelves as shown in the picture and then don’t forget to secure the installment using screws.

  • Give the unit some finishing by removing splintering and smoothing the rough edges using your sandpaper.

  • Drill some screw to secure the knob of the wood drawer to the center front part of the frame of the drawer. After that, give another finishing by coating the interior and exterior of the drawer frame. Let it dry.

  • Finish your charging station making process by installing it in an accessible spot and near an electric socket. The right position is important to make sure you can route the power strip and the chargers to the power source.

Finally, store all the accessories, chargers, and the drills.