How to Make Your Very Own Hammer Rack

Wood makers studio is usually equipped with useful tools. It would be a great fuss when they cannot find the required tools. Therefore, it is important for the carpenters to keep everything tidy and clean. Especially for those who own small studio, each side of walls could be a potential storage.

Preparing the Materials

The first step any carpenter need to do before jumping into the project is stocking the materials. Make sure to bring the following list to the material shop. For this handy hammer rack, the carpenters could use any kind of wood they want, but basically plywood is good enough.

The other tools are just basic: drills and router saw. Don’t forget to bring the real hammers for real measurement. For finishing process, purchase a small can of wood furnishing liquid.

Measuring the Materials

Now take the plywood on the table. Don’t forget to bring the hammers. Then, the carpenters should take a look at the available space. Is it possible to make the rack long enough for all hammers? If the space is limited, then there should be two rows of rack for the hammers.

To give proper distance from one another, line up the hammer head on the board. Then give at least two inches space between the hammer heads. Now put the handle on the board, still in the same spot. Draw a circle just as big as the handle diameter.

Cutting the Parts

The board is now ready for cutting process. Use regular saw or saw blade for the straight line. As for the holes, drill it using router saw. The carpenter might notice the width difference for each circle. Even though it is simpler to take the biggest circle to the whole group, this action might not be the best option. Smaller hammer will slip easily.

Paint the Rack

The last step in building hammer rack is staining the finished product. There are a lot of choices available, but most people love to show the natural pattern of the wood. Even so, it shouldn’t stop those who want to put on solid colors on the rack.

Whether it is small or big project, hammer is a must have item. This tool is very helpful to deal with nails and screws. Since there are so many types of hammer, building a rack would be a great help to categorize the tools based on the size and use. Happy working!