Inserting Tool – Rockler Woodworking Tools

Woodworking is a kind of job that requires craftsmen to possess many woodworking tools. Yet, that’s not merely about the quantity but also about the quality. Talking about quality woodworking tools, any craftsman and carpenter need to know Rockler, a leading company in woodworking tools. Here some examples of the company’s inserting tools that have been reviewed great by customers. Check it out below:

Riveting T-Nut Inserting Tool

When you are doing a T-nuts project, you may easily end up pushing the particular T-nuts out the workpiece’s back when the bolt is already inserted. It then results in the prongs on the wood. This Riveter Insertion Tool is manufactured to prevent this problem to happen by securing the T-nut to the panel permanently. To use the tool, set the T-nut using a hammer then with a power drill try threading the insertion tool. This tool is able to help you get a clean and neat end that can firmly hold the T-nut in its location.

Riveting T-Nut for ½”Thick Material

This tool is a special type of T-Nuts that is used with a Riveting T-Nut Insertion Tool and that works for a material with ½” thickness. This tool works by folding over the T-Nut end and by providing a clean, mushroomed, and neat end that can hold the T-nut in its location firmly. The size of the T-nut internal is ¼”-20. In addition to that function, this inserting tool also helps you avoid the spinning and the backing out of the T-nut. Make sure you set the tool firmly using a hammer prior starting to rivet. This tool can be purchased in a pack of 10 pieces.

Pen Tube Insertion Tool

Here comes another Rankler inserting tool in a form of a slide pen tubes. This tool can help you work without getting glue on your fingers. This tool allows you to have a secure grip by wedging the tapered shaft. This then results in the tubes that can well rotate for optimum coverage of glue and smooth insertion. The shaft will not adhere to glue as the tool only contacts the rim. This insertion tool can work well with any pen tub with the size of 7mm up to 11mm.

Rockler knows what craftsmen may need in woodworking. The tree tools above are only some of Rockler’s great inventions that you need to have to get a neat, clean, great, and firm result of your woodworking.