Kids Step Stool Plans

Step stool can be very useful for kids to explore new world. Unexpectedly, they are able to brush their teeth and reach the kitchen counter without any problem. As the project is dedicated to kids, the carpenter can use his creativity to make a unique and colorful step stool. The carpenter can also add some stickers and stencils on it later on.

Step 1. Tools and Materials

  • Sanding block with medium-grit sandpaper
  • Wood glue
  • 2” wood screws
  • Ruler or square
  • Cordless drill with ½” bit
  • Jigsaw
  • Paint
  • 2 standard hinges
  • 1x12x8’ pine board with 11 ¼” width

Step 2. Cut List

  • 2 step stool tops sized 7 ½”
  • Toe-kick piece sized 5 ¼”
  • 1 storage box bottom sized 5 ½”
  • 2 storage panel pieces (back and front) sized 12 ½”
  • 2 side pieces sized 14”

Step 3. Draw Lines

Measure the size of the stool using pencil and square. Then, give mark as to cut the pieces for the step stools along with its handle holes.

Step 4. Cut all pieces

Cut all pieces using jigsaw

Step 5. Cut the handles and the arches

Drill one big hole at the center of the cutting area for the handle. Make the hole wider than the blade size so that the blade will be able to follow the cut mark of the handle openings. Then, cut out the decorative arches’ bottom.

Step 6: Sand all pieces

Use the medium-grit sandpaper to sand all the edges to ensure the edges are smooth and will not cause any problem for kids especially their skin.

Step 7. Dry fit

Assemble all pieces to see if they are all fit properly. Make any necessary adjustments to perfect the joints and the shapes of the stool.

Step 8. Insert the back and the sides

First step to assemble the stool is by inserting the back into the sides. Secure the joints using glue and screws.

Step 9. Insert the bottom

Assemble the bottom to the back and the sides with glue and screws.

Step 10. Insert the front piece and the step

First, insert the front part of the stool and secure the joint using glue and screws. Then, attach the front toe-kick piece. After that, assemble the bottom piece for step.

Step 11. Attach the hinges

Prepare 3” hinges onto the bottom of the top step from its furthest end. Attach the hinges onto the lid bottom. Then, attach the other sides of the hinges onto the back panel on its inside part.

Step 12. Optional assembly

To ensure more traction and safety, the carpenter can add some grip tape onto each step tops. Then, attach some felt strip to reduce the lid slamming when the top lid is closed.

Step 13. Paint the stool and make some decorations

Decorate engrave the stool using some paint and stencil as to your kids favorite