Kids’ Workbench Plans

Curiosity is a part of children’s world. Seeing you working on a wonderful project on an amazing space must leave certain impression. Sooner or later, you will have an innocent question about when they have their own workspace. The answer is in your hand, but it is not too late to build the mini workbench for the little one.

Have you ever built something like this before? Normally, you build any wood furniture from scratch and assemble the pieces into one item. For this project, you have to build two sides; the back part and the front part. Later on, you connect both sides together. Don’t worry about the steps; they are not difficult to follow.

The Back

Make a frame for the back part using 2×2 inches boards. One should be 42 inches and another will be 27 inches. You also need 1 inch thick board of 27 inches. The frame would wobble without anything to set it on its place. To make firm base, put it on the stretch paper, starting from the upper part.

The upper part of workbench should have a peg board, so you could hang a lot of mini equipment on it. Cut the peg board so it would fit the available space. Glue the board in the front and back part. Otherwise, you might miss one side and let it swayed freely.

The Front

You will build a shelf and automatically, the table. Adjust the height to your kid’s body. Too lose or too high won’t be good. Make sure to give several inches from the floor. Set the boards on their place using 1¼  screws. Before laying the base of the shelf, you need to install the frame base. It would be better when you double tie the boards by glue. Thin layer would do.

Pushing the screws to table corner, there must be a noticeable mark left. Cover the hole using a flush trim saw. Allow the glue to dry for several hours. After that, join both parts using nails, screw, drill and hammer. Ask somebody to help you hold the back and the front steadily.

If you have an option to create your own workbench and buy one in the store, which one will you choose? Surely, buying a finished project would be practical. But for those who value originality, DIY bench is the first priority for them. Moreover, the bench is adjustable to your kids’ projects.