Know Rockler’s Finger-Joint Router Bit Further

Do you think you need to maximize the gluing area of some joints? Do you think you don’t know what tool should be used to solve the problem? Well, you may not know what Rockler has in store for you. This company produces finger-joint router bit to help you with the gluing process. What is this tool? Find it out here:


A finger joint is one of woodworking joints that are considered the strongest. This tool can triple the glue joint area and surface effectively. It even triples them to be almost indestructible. This finger joint comes with a couple of interlocking fingers. This bit can maximize the surface area of gluing for the splice joints and superior edge joints.

This finger joint comes with a wedged shape. This shape can help you close the joint up without creating any gaps when they are clamped together. This bit also comes with 4/4”guide bearing.  Besides, this bit has 600-800 grit diamond wheels for the final sharpening, baked-on anti-stick coating to decrease the resin and pitch buildup, precision balanced for smoother operation, and K20 and K10 grade carbide for a clean cutting action. In addition to that, this Rockler Setup Jig is available for many profiles.

Technical Details

To know about this bit even further, look at the technical details of the product below:

  • This bit is made by Rockler and is manufactured under the part number of TA601411.
  • This finger joint has a weight of 0.3000 lbs, making it easy to be shipped to where you reside.
  • The type of the bit it joinery.
  • This bit has a diameter of 1 – 3.8 inch.
  • This bit has height of 1 – ½ inch.
  • The shank size of this bit is ½ inch.
  • This finger joint has 2 flutes.
  • When you purchase this product, what is included in the package is just 1 Rockler Finger Join Router Bit.

What the Company Offer

Rockler offers an unconditional guarantee on the purchase of this product. The company is even willing to give you a refund when you are not 100% satisfied with the product. Apart from the quality, the company also guarantees that this product comes with the best price. The quality router bits are on a fantastic value. The price is competitive but the product can offer long life and high performance.

Rockler has the complete offer you! Not only is the product high quality, it is also on the best valued price. Investing some of your money to these bits is not going to be a waste. Go make your purchase to get additional help in your woodworking.