Learn Everything about Woodworking Chisels – 3 Must-Learn Things

A Chisel is a characteristically and specifically designed and shaped tool for cutting and carving hard material such as stone, wood, struck with a mallet, and or metal by hand. In woodworking, this tool is absolutely needed. That’s why, you need to read this article to find out the things you need to learn about this woodworking chisels.

Bevel Edge Chisels

Bevel edge chisels refer to those firmer chisels and the bench chisels, or simply the ones having beveled edges. The bench chisel is shorter. It is usually complemented with a handle from a socket type that has a hoop at the top part of it to resist chipping. Meanwhile, the bench chisel is the one used by craftsmen making furniture, cabinet, or sort of things. This chisel comes with a 5-inch blade and 5-inch handle.

Unlike the older chisels that come with sockets, this type of chisels comes with a tang type. The handle of the chisel is made of wood with some hoops at the bottom and top ends to decrease any splitting. A quality set of this chisel is surely a must for your basic toolkit.

Mortise Chisels

This type of chisel is heavy, thicker, and bigger. It comes with very big forged bolsters and oval oak or beech handles to do the pounding. However, this chisel is still easy to handle and hold and it is a joy to utilize this chisel. For your woodworking, you may only need one piece of this chisel. The most common size of mortise chisel is the ½”or the 3/8”. The strength of mortise chisel depends on the total glue surface. This chisel is utilized with a percussion instrument. It is usually bashed into hard material like wood and then is levered out to clean the waste.

Sash Mortise Chisel

The last type of chisel you need to know is the sash mortise chisel. Unlike the previous chisel, sash mortise chisel is lighter. This chisel is specifically designed for cutting shallow mortises that are usually found in the muntins and mullions of a window made of wood. This chisel has a variant for a heavy duty that can be used for larger wood jobs. This chisel is also made in wide size range. Not only is this chisel lighter, it is also easy to handle.

There are actually many types of chisel. However, those three types of chisel above are the basic things you need to learn for your woodworking job. Know what kind of job you need to carry out (heavy or light) so that you can decide the right kind of chisel to work with.