Make Your Own Super-Capacity Tool Cart

Having complete equipment in our workplace is a must, especially when we need to make a complicated and heavy woodworking. Yet, having lots of woodworking without having a right cart to organize and store them is not good too. That’s why, this article is going to explain how wo make a super-capacity tool cart for your workspace. With a maximum budget of $500, you can make your own cart.

#1 Build the Cabinet Box 

Here are the steps to build the cabinet box:

  • Make the cut out of the cabinet box parts by using the following Figure C Cutting List and Cutting Diagram as your guide.

  • After that, start drilling the pieces to make a three-sided box.

  • Continue building the box from the bottom of the box and up.

  • Complete the assembly of the cabinet by adding the 4 vertical dividers.

  • Install the casters by gluing and then screwing 4 strips of plywood to the back and front box edges.

#2 Build the Drawers 

The drawers of this cart are actually the simple boxes that can slide on square runners in the size of ¾ inch. The size of the drawers is about 1/16 inch and the top is 1/8 inch. Here are how to build them:

  • Make the assembly of the drawer box by tacking and gluing the sides of the drawer to the back and front and then by screwing to add more strength.

  • Install the drawer fronts which are taller and in the same width as the previous drawers.

  • Using the measurement in Figure A and a marking stick, make some marks for the runners of the drawers at the back and the front.

  • Install the drawer runners by drilling the pilot holes and then attaching the drawer runners with 1 ¼ inch screws and glue.

  • Make the pulls of the drawers by cutting aluminum using a miter saw.

  • Countersink and drill the drawer pulls.


#3 Install the Shelves 

The shelves are made of plywood and there are some shelf clips on it. You can customize the heights of the shelf to accommodate all the tools you may need. Here are how to install them:

  • Make the plywood dividers by cutting slots as the 4 shelves need slots for the plywood dividers.

  • Mount the standards of the shelf. Then, cut the standards of the metal shelf to suit the hacksaw. Ensure that every cut is at the same end with every standard to make all holes perfectly line up.

  • Finish the cabinet with giving two coats of satin polyurethane.