Making a Wooden Toy Train Plan

For the wooden toy train project, the carpenter must be aware that the process will be repetitive. It takes as much as the number of train wagon planned. In order to test how well the wood makers could do the project, it is best to start with the train head first.

Preparing the Parts

The preparation stage starts by cutting the strips, which has twice longer length compared to the boiler in the plans. The carpenters are going to need three cuts. Do these with table saw and set the angle to 60 degrees. Then, trim to size with finishing plane tool.

Divide the cut into two equal sizes. Join the pieces in pair by gluing on the side. For this purpose, the carpenters could use hot glue. Don’t be rushed and connect all pieces, since it will be harder to alter later on. Now drill shallow hole for the smokestack.

Assembling Process

Take a look at the plan and make the base for part A and B. Then, the wood makers need to make the axles. Since the axles’ hole needs to be vertically aligned, it is a good idea to stack the rails together before drilling. After preparing the axles, don’t forget the wheel. It also needs drilling.

Arrange the rails into position and mark the base board. The carpenters then need to make a fitting cut with enough clearance on both sides. Make the cut outs by combining scroll saw and jigsaw. As for the cab and tender, they need wood glue, which dries quickly, to make L shape. Try to get help from a block of wood and a square to get the perfect shape.


The last step in the process is painting. Since there is no cutting job anymore, this job could be done by the kids. To help them spread the color evenly, make sure to paint the wheels separately. After they completely dry, they could be installed again. If the wood makers notice that the wheels are rubbing the sides, put a set of plastic washers to solve the problem.

Why is it important to start with the train head first? It is because the whole line should have similar size. By making the head as the prototype, the train wagons will have the exact measurement. While making the head, pay more attention to the saw cut. Thanks to its mini size, small cut might be unforgivable.