Must Know Basic Carpenter Guide

You won’t know when, but it is better to come prepared. No matter what kind of housing you are living in, once in a time, you will need the carpenter skills. It would be a waste to spend more dollars to fix several mini projects. Invest your time to learn the fundamental skill in wood fixing and carpentering.

Learning The Tools

It is frustrating not to know the name of a tool you need to use. Luckily, you don’t have to experience this. The first basic guidance is memorizing the name and the function. Among all the hundreds equipments out there, you only need to know six most important tools; measure tape, square rules, cutting tools, hammers, hand tools and also levels.

Measuring The Exact Lines

Remember the rules in carpentry: measure twice, cut once. The square ruler will be a great help to determine which way is the straight line. Soon enough, you will know that the measuring part always calls for pencils or at least nails. It takes full concentration when doing the process. Make sure the edge is placed properly before you pushed in the separating tool.

Cutting Process

There are two options to cut your lines: using manual or electric equipment. Many people are not using saw anymore because it requires more power and skills. You need more time to finish the project. Electronic tools could save you the time, but puts you at more cautions: the electricity fail, the risk of getting hurt, and also the heavy weight. More importantly: make sure your blade is sharp enough!

Nailing Tricks

When all the cut board is ready to assemble, the last step to do is stick them all together. Even the last step takes certain tricks to display a perfect result in the end. First, make sure you pushed in a proper nail that will connect both woods. To do this, put the nails on the side and make sure that the length reaches at least half of the second wood. Remember that different nails could break into wood with certain thickness.

Simple things could be complicated if you don’t know how to do it. Do you know the name of each tool? That is where you should start. By naming the correct equipment, at least you have the proper beginning. Next, repeat diligently, how to measure and also put clear mark. If you are able to do these steps correctly, there will be less to none problems with wood problem.