New Woodworking Bench – Adjustable Height Legs

Most commercial workbench product has fixed legs. In the other words, the workers that might have difference in weight are forced to fit into the bench height. Building an adjustable wordworking bench legs is similar to the ordinary working bench. The difference is only on the sliding leg part to fit each project and worker need.

Stripping The Woods To Size

For the adjustable table, the carpenters are going to cut a lot of wood parts. Luckily, all of these cuts could be made from 2×4 inches board. Make sure to have the store cut the plywoods before bringing them home. Cut two pieces of 97 inches for the bottom length support and three pieces of 94 inches for length wise sides.

Don’t forget the top and bottom section legs, each for 32 and 26.5 inches. The top slide support needs smaller cut: 22 7/8 inches. For the width support, provide 17 inches cuts. Each of these items should be four pieces. The last cut is for the caster support. The carpenter is going to prepare 20 pieces of 4.5 inches plywood.

Building the Frame

It is suggested to start from the top frame. To hold the pieces in place, use Simpson tie in each corner. Install the screwdriver to push in the screws. Make sure the pieces have similar height. Otherwise, the corner will be weaker.

Next, move to the shelf. The Simpson tie is also applied in this method. Clamp it to bring the 32 and 7 inches legs together. For the bottom frame, use the 97 and 17 lengthwise board. Don’t forget to dry fit both pieces.

Setting the Slide

It is time for the magic part: up and down adjustment. Provide a bottom support for each leg by cutting and installing 2×2 blocks. Keep in mind that it will be the lowest point the bench can go. In order to keep the top bench stay as it goes up or down, add four 2x4s to connect the bottom support and 22 7/8 cut to be rest bump in the middle part.

Drill a 5/16 inches hole. The screwdriver should be long enough to go through all the layers. Secure the setting with 5/16 pin. The number of leveling is up to the carpenters.

Unless the wood making studio is used by one carpenter only, some workers have probably considered to have adjustable working bench. Why? Because taller people will have difficulties to work on the workbench made for medium height person. For the sake of everyone’s convenience, why don’t you start making one?