Outdoor Serving Cart Plans – Furniture Plans and Projects

Step 1. Prepare the slats

Use 1×2 pine board to make 24 slats. Prepare your hole jig sized ¾” thick material and drill some holes in the slats.

Step 2. Prepare side rails

Use 2×2 pine board and make 4 side rails. Prepare your hole jig sized 1 ½“ thick material and drill the holes in the rails.

Step 3. Assemble the shelves

To assemble a shelf, put two side rails on the floor parallel to each other with the holes face up. Place some slats perpendicularly to the rails and insert the slats ¾” into the rails. Secure the joint using 1 ¼” screws. Check if all slats are even. Repeat this step for all remaining side rails and shelf slats.

Step 4. Prepare the cart legs

Use 2×2 boards to make 4 legs. Two legs for front cart and two other for back cart. Drill the leg on one side with hole jig sized 1 ½” thick material. Put two back legs altogether with the holes facing each other and tape them temporarily. Mark ½” hole position and drill it throughout the back legs.

Step 5. Build the hand rails

Use 2×2 board to make two hand rails. Tape them altogether using painters tape. Mark ½” hole position and drill the holes through both of them.

Step 6. Build the hand rail and the legs

Attach the legs onto the hand rail as shown in the picture with 2 ½” screws. Repeat the step to assemble the remaining units.

Step 7. Prepare the end rails

Use 2×2 pine board to make seven end rails. Drill the holes at both ends with hole jig sized 1 ½” thick material.

Step 8. Assemble the end rails into the cart legs

Put all seven end rails onto the leg using 2 ½” screws as shown in the picture.

Step 9. Attach the shelf slats onto the cart leg

Put the upper shelf slat assembly and followed by the lower slat onto the cart leg and secure them with 2 ½” screws.

Step 10. Attach the second cart leg

Attach the second cart leg and secure the joint using 2 ½” screws to finish the cart frame.

Step 11. Build the bottle and tray supports

From 1×2 pine boards, make four bottle support side rails, two bottle support bottoms, and two tray supports. Drill the holes on both ends of tray supports and bottle support bottoms using hole jig sized ¾” thick material. Assemble them all altogether. Then make the tray as you make the shelf slats.

Step 12. Install the handle.

Prepare the handle by inserting into the hand rail holes.

Step 13. Add the wheels and the aluminium axle

Insert the axle tube in the back legs holes and then the wheels.