Outdoor Slat Chair Plans

Spending the afternoon under the tree is a great. While some people prefer to lay on a picnic carpet, what about building your own slat chair? That would be an awesome way to spend your day off. Before you could enjoy the relaxing time, invest the sweaty effort to build the chairs first.

Planning the Project

For those who have made a slat chair before, they only need an inch thickness of 6×8 feet board. If you don’t have any experience before, it is better to have 6×10 feet board, providing extra pieces. It is better to be prepared everything carefully. You also need 36×36 inches of plywood. The ¼ inches wood will be used as the base pattern of your final product.

Don’t forget to download the pattern of your slat chair. It is available online and you just need to print it. Some might come as a pattern with scale. Make sure you convert it to the real size. Later in the process, you will need waterproof glue and also spray adhesive.

The Building Process

Begin the progress by cutting the plywood to the mentioned measurement. It would be great if you could cut the boards precisely. Particularly for the slat frame, precision is valuable asset to bring an exact half on both sides. The first slat to install is the one located in the lowest point of the curve. Apply waterproof glue strengthened with galvanized nail. Wipe the dripping glue using damp cloth.

Material Tips

For a satisfying result, you have to pick the best materials available. Slat chair is usually set outside, so you don’t want a wooden item that holds only for months. In this case, the best bet is using a cedar wood. Inspect the wood carefully, because you don’t want the growth ring included. It will disturb the cutting process.

As for the glue, you must pick the waterproof one. Gluing is the heart of the project, so you better not compromise it. After using the glue to connect several wood edges, wipe the excessive sticky liquid with damp cloth. If you wait until the glue dry, sometimes sand paper is not enough to clean the stain.

Simple things could turn into great things if you want to lend the creative hands and effort. Pick the right materials for the chair, then cut the board into pieces. Follow the instructions carefully when you assemble the pieces. Find safe area if you want to try the slat chair; stay away from sharp and blunt tools. Good luck!