Rockler Glue Applicator Set

Rockler glue applicator set is the best gluing kit that you can have. This glue applicator is also easy to clean. The glue set consists of five exchangeable glue applicator heads which are suitable for the regular 16 ounce or 32 ounce glue bottle. Each glue applicator is designed to perform different task and is required to do the gluing activity cleaner and faster.

Silicone Glue Brush Applicator

  • Is suitable for Titebond glue bottle with 16 oz or 32 oz capacity
  • Reusable silicon brush which is able to be cleaned easily
  • No need to dip the brush inside the glue! Squeeze the glue bottle softly to stack the brush
  • Drying glue can be removed quickly from the brush by peeling it off
  • Silicone glue brush will not shed any bristles in the glue bead

Glue Line Centering Attachment

  • Can be implemented to lumber with maximum thickness 1-1/8 inches
  • The friction of attachment is suitable for regular glue spout
  • The attachment is completed with guide bars
  • Rotates the bottle to simply center the tip of the glue on the lumber edge to avoid crimped lines

Mortise Glue Applicator

  • The compacted design of this mortise glue applicator can be fitted perfectly into biscuit slots, domino mortises, traditional mortises where the conventional spouts are not able to reach
  • This applicator is very suitable for 16 oz or 32 oz glue bottle

Glue Roller Applicator

  • The axle and body of glue roller are designed from polypropylene material. But, the roller itself is designed from thermoplastic material. Both materials, however, can be cleaned easily
  • Glue roller is designed with large and long tip opening to give perfect flow of glue
  • It is also designed ergonomically with perfect head
  • The tip of the glue roller applicator is visibly designed so that you can easily spot the flow of the glue
  • This applicator is suitable for 16 oz or 32 oz glue bottle

Cleaning Brush

  • The cleaning brush is designed with small size and elastic wire grip to give easy access into fixed places of roller and mortise tip
  • The brush is designed with double-ended brush, that is, soft and stiff bristles

Glue Funnel

  • Is used to transfer the glue from glue jug into glue bottle. Just need to place the glue tunnel onto the glue bottle and you can easily fill this bottle with the glue from other container
  • The glue funnel is suitable for 16 oz or 32 oz glue bottle