Simple DIY Wall-Mounted Chisel Rack

If the carpenters have full chisel set, there will be more than ten types of tools in the toolbox. Sooner or later, it would be quite a problem to find the right chisel type, especially when they are just piled up. What about making use of empty wall to arrange the chisels?

Measuring the Boards

To start the project, the craftsmen should mark the blank board with chisels hole size. Don’t be panic yet, these are simple measurements to do. The hole is either one or half inch for the center and one or quarter inch from the end. If the wood makers have eight and seventeen half inches chisel, then they will need separated measurement.


Now for the supporting leg. The board should have 45 degree angle. It would be easier to make it out of 1×4 board. Short board only needs two legs, while the long one might call for three.

Drilling Holes

The final product should have two shelves with several holes on them. Now it is time to drill the marked spot. To get the clean cut, the secret is to do it halfway then drill it from the other side. After done with the drilling process, connect the two holes in the center and in the middle. Pick honing chisel to do this job. The saw might leave collision mark and scrappy edges.


Aligning To Wall Edges

Leave the drilled board alone. The craftsmen should focus on the supporting leg. On the wall, there would be the 45 degree triangle. To fit the corner space, the board should be cut on the edge. In the professional term, this is called dado outlines. After creating the line layout, double it with knife. Don’t forget to remove the wedge after sawing by. A clean cut edges is usually started with bench chisel followed by router.


Sanding And Assembling The Parts

Later on, the craftsmen will touch the rack sides a lot. For this reason, sanding each surface is a must. Otherwise, their hand might get hurt. After the smoothness checking, it is time for assembling the parts. Instead of using ordinary glue, go for something stronger: the eggbeater and fuller countersink bits.


When the wood makers want to work efficiently, all the tools and materials should be found easily. Then, the initial step is to build the shelf for the chisels. The materials could be bought in the store and the steps are not too complicated to follow. Why don’t you start the project?