Simple Fold Down Workbench Plans

This simple fold down workbench is perfectly suitable for the woodworkers who have limited space in their house. This workbench definitely provides a solid and sturdy surface for your woodworking projects as well as offers the simplicity of storing it whenever in no use.

Step 1. Select the board for the bench top

First, choose the material for bench top. You can simply use 30 inch sturdy door. You can use some old door for it or you can also buy one.

Step 2. Build the shelf and attach the cleat

Use one piece of 1×4 board and cut it to the length of the bench top frame. Don’t forget to cut the rising cleat from 2×4 board. On the back side of the rising cleat, drill some holes with the pocket hole jig set suitable for 1 ½ inch material just as shown in the picture.

Step 3. Mount the shelf

Mount the shelf onto the rising cleat by screwing it with 1 ¼ inch screws.

Step 4. Attach the hinge plate

Cut the 1×4 board to make the hinge plate as shown in the picture. From the cutting board, attach three hinges onto the plate.


Step 5. Make the front railing

For the front railing, cut 1×4 board with the size as shown in the picture. After the railing is ready, drill some holes using your ¾ inch jig set up. Drill the holes at the back of the front railing.

Step 6. Build the front railing

After it is ready, you can attach the front railing underneath the bench top. Secure the railing with 1 ¼ inch screws.

Step 7. Make and build the frame legs

Use 2×2 board to make two frame legs. The size of the legs has already mentioned in the picture. Don’t forget to make two leg blocks from 1×4 board. Install the leg blocks underneath the bench top and secure those using #8 1 ½ inch screws. Use at least four screws to secure each leg block. Then, screw the legs onto the folding leg sockets and raise these legs onto the leg blocks.

Step 8. Rise the workbench into the wall

As all parts are being assembled, you can raise your workbench. Decide where you want this workbench to be installed. Then, mark the position of the studs. To measure the height of the bench top, add the height of the leg block and the leg. Give some marking on the height onto the wall. Install the raising cleat along the line and secure it with two screws on the stud of wall. Attach the hinge plate on the back side of the bench top. Then, install this assembly into the wall cleat. Secure the hinge plate to the raising plate using some screws.