Simple Sturdy Workbench Plans

For a woodworker, a workbench can be really important. If you have your own garage, you can easily put your workbench there to store all your woodworking tools and hardware. If you are interested in making one perfect workbench which is super solid and sturdy, you can try making the one like this.

Step 1. Prepare the materials and the tools

This workbench is also easy to be customized into larger workbench. The bench is built along the garage wall and you still have spacious spot to store your vehicles. No legs touching the floor as merely to ease the cleaning.

Materials and tools:

1 @ ½ inch particle board, sized 4×10 (for the workbench top surface)

5 @ 2 x 4 x 10’ for bracing supports

4 metal angled brackets, sized 13 inch x 19 inch

24 @ 5/16 inch x 3 inch lag bolts (for the angled supports)

½ pound of #16 spikes and 10 penny nails

½ pound of 1 ¼ inch wood screws

Step 2. Mount the metal brackets onto the wall

Measure the work surface height. Mark the height and then measure the length of the workbench surface that you need. You can use the snapped line to mark the spot for mounting each metal bracket every 32 inch length. Attach the metal brackets using 5/16 inch lag bolts.

Step 3. Cut and mount the first support boards

Use one @ 2 x 4 x 10’ and 24 inch board for the scraps (2x4x12 or two boards @2x4x6). Prepare six boards @22 ½ inch for the supporting boards. Position all support boards in flat state. Mount four metal brackets on top of the supports with the back edge of the board touch the wall. Then, mount these boards with the metal brackets using the wood screws.

Step 4. Cut and mount the second support boards

Use three @2x4x10’ and cut them @109 inch for the second support boards. Place each support on the front edge, the center, and the wall edge. Mount these three using nails onto the short and upright supports.

Step 5. Cut and build the bench top and the front board

Use 2×4 board and cut it into 110 ½ inch. Mount this board on the front side of the bench. Prepare ½” x 4’ x 10’ board and crosscut it into 110 1/2”. Rip this board into two smaller boards @24”. Then pile them altogether and spike them onto the support boards. After it is ready, you can add the back board on top of the bench. You can also hang your tools and hardware onto it.