Simple Wooden Desk Tray Plans

If you love trying on new plan for your woodworking crave, this wooden desk is a perfect project for you to start. Follow the steps and create one by yourself.

Step 1. Cut the pieces

Determine the size of the tray and the cut all pieces using miter saw. Also cut 1×3, 1×6, and square dowels into proper size. Then, mark and draw the lines on plywood face with frame square. Attach painter’s tape along the cutting lines and remark the lines once more time if needed.

The line made of painter’s tape will keep the plywood in its shape during the cutting process. Make sure to cut the lines with the circular saw. Then, sand all edges for smooth and nice look.

Step 2. Drill some pocket holes

Put 1×3 of front and back parts of the tray on your work surface. Drill some holes into both ends of each board using Kreg Jig.

Step 3. Drill some holes for drawer face

Put 1×6 drawer faces onto the work surface and with the position of the pocket holes face down. Make 4” marks from each end of the board and then center the mark. On each board, drill two holes situated on each edge of the board with drill or driver. These two holes are going to be used as the place to attach the drawer face.

Step 4. Insert some cleats onto front and back parts of the piece.

Place 18” cleat onto 1×3 front part and back part of each piece evenly with the bottom ends and edges. Attach the cleat onto the piece using some wood glue. Adjust the position of the cleat. After it is centered, secure the joint using ¾” finish nails.

Step 5. Inserts the cleat onto 1×3 side parts of the piece

Place the leftover cleats onto 16” sides evenly with the bottom edges. Make sure that this cleat is also centered perfectly on its length. This cleat position will provide 1 1/8” inset of each cleat end. Mark the line. Then, take the cleat, apply some wood glue, and put it back in its previous position. Secure the joint using ¾” finish nails.

Step 6. Fit the sides

To fit the size of the sides, place 1×3 boards upright and the cleats are all placed at the bottom edge. Then, connect all pieces together. Glue both ends of the front piece and the back piece. Position the fornt and back pieces between both sides evenly with the side ends.

Step 7. Build the sides

Assemble all sides using some blocks which are placed at each corner. Clamp the block and the edges. Then, secure the joint using 1 ¼” screws. Make sure that the assembly is square.

Step 8. Attach the plywood as the base

Before inserting the plywood, apply wood glue onto the cleat top edge. Then, put the plywood inside the cleat frame. After that, give some finishing touch on the tray. The pile of the tray depends on how many trays that you want to have. As it is only simple tray. You just need to pile the trays once you have finished making all of them.