Simple Workbench Plans

Do you want to build a workbench but you are doubtful with your woodworking ability? Well, all you need is a simple workbench plan. By following the steps below, even a beginner of woodworking can construct a strong, tough, and sturdy workbench that can hold a V-8 engine! While the steps are easy to follow, the cost is inexpensive. What is more, you only need one day to complete this project.

#1 Make the Cut Out of the Workbench Parts

Make a perfect and straight cut of the plywood. Start cutting from the shelf top and then continue with the other cuts. Don’t forget to get perfect alignment between the shelf top and the cutting line. Make sure you finish all the necessary cuts before starting to assemble them to set aside any dust mask.


#2 Assemble the Drawer and the Shelf Sections

Do the assembly by first framing the compartment of the drawer. Don’t forget to drill pilot into the dividers of the plywood drawers and through the frame back. After that, add the bottom and then the top parts to the compartment of the drawer.

#3 Attach the Shelf and the Legs

First, screw the legs in by squaring up one leg and then fastening it using a screw. After that, square up the other side and then fasten that side using two screws. Next, install the shelf by setting it on spacers and then by screwing through the legs.

#4 Install the Trim and Top Molding

To install them, start with covering the ends of the plywood using screen mold. Nail the mold using nail and start working with the long sections and then continue it with the shorter ones using scraps.

#5 Construct the Workbench Drawers

Build the simple drawers by: clamping and gluing the back, front, and the sides together, then nailing on the bottom part, and finally by nailing the sides of the drawers to the back and the front part.

#6 Give the Workbench Finish

Give some finish touches to your workbench. First, sand down the sharp and rough edges of the workbench. Then, give some touches using a combination of polyurethane and stain and also Minwax Ployshade. Give one coat of the solution to the entire workbench and then give a couple of coats of polyurethane to the surfaces of the workbench. Meanwhile for the legs, give two coats to prevent them from moisture.