Small Chest of Drawers Plans

Step 1. Construct the side frames

Insert ¾” plywood into 2×2 chest legs. Before assembling the joint, drill holes onto all sides of the plywood and panel top. Insert the plywood and secure the joint between the sides and the legs using screws. Strengthen the joint by applying some glue.

Step 2. Attach the trims

Add the trims for top and bottom panels. After the trims are installed, secure the joints using glue and nails.

Step 3. Attach the bottom panel

Make the bottom panel from ¾” plywood and 1×2 lumber. Make some holes onto both ends of the plywood and the lumber before attaching the bottom pieces into the side panels. Secure the joints using some glue and 1 ¼” screws. Check if all corners are correctly angled and there are no openings.

Step 4. Add the panel supports

Attach some panel supports onto the frames. Use 1×2 lumber as the supports. Don’t forget to drill holes onto both ends of the lumber before inserting it into the leg frame. Secure all joints using glue and 1 ¼” screws. To check the levelness of the supports, you can use spirit level.

Step 5. Make the top frame

Make the chest top from ¾” plywood and 1×2 lumber. Drill some holes onto all sides. Secure the sides into the plywood using some screws. Make sure to check the joints to leave no openings. Cover the joints with some glue to strengthen the top components.

Step 6. Install the top panel

Attach the top panel into the chest frame. Drill some holes along the supports. Add some 1 ¼” screws to the top panel. To strengthen the joint between the top and the frame, add some glue.

Step 7. Install the back side

Use ¼” plywood as the back side. Attach the plywood into the back frame using some nails.

Step 8. Install drawer divider

Use ¾” plywood as the drawer divider. To install the divider, drill some holes on the divider edges and attach it into the frame perpendicularly.

Step 9. Make the drawers

Use ¾” plywood and 1×6 lumber to make the drawers. Pay attention to details and check if the joints are firm to guarantee their durability. Don’t make any openings between the joints and make all corners correctly angled.

Step 10. Insert the drawers into the frame

Insert the drawers into the frame using some slides. After installing the drawers, check to see if the drawers are easily opened and closed. Give ¾” gap between the drawers and the front face.

Step 11. Install drawer faces

Leave 1/8” gap along the edges when installing the drawer faces. Secure the faces using 1 ¼” screws as of the inside part of the drawers. Glue all joints for stronger structure.

Step 12. Install the doors

Add the doors into the chest bottom using some hinges. Make 1/8” gap around bottom edges to easily open and close the door. Attach the door handles. Give some finishing touches after the chest is ready.