Step by Step! DIY Garden Steps and Stairs

Step 1.

Decide the combination of riser and tread. To determine the riser quantity, divide the flight vertical height by the riser height. Next, divide the flight horizontal length into several treads numbers. The precise combination of riser and tread calculation is really essential to create safe and attractive steps for your garden.

Step 2.

Make a mortar mixture from sharp sand and cement with ratio 4:1. After the mixture is ready, make the lowest riser onto the footing made of concrete by placing two layers of stretcher bricks. Make sure the riser is leveled evenly. Check using some spirit level. As the mortar is completed, leave this for about two hours until it is dry.

Step 3.

Fill the space at the back of the riser using some hardcore materials. The hardcore needs to be slightly higher than the back slats after you put the slats onto it. After you fill in the hardcore, compress it using some rammer.

Step 4.

The hardcore position needs to be elevated slightly higher towards the step back. Check the elevation of the hardcore using spirit level. You can place 10mm shim crosswise the front step.

Step 5.

Spread the mixture of mortar onto the surface of the hardcore and the riser. After that, place one slab onto it. Make sure that the slap should have 40 mm overhanging along the sides and front of the riser. Always check the levelness of the step using spirit level. If you use two slabs on one riser, you have to add more mortar mixture with ratio 3:1 between the sand and the cement. This mortar mixture needs to be placed all over the first slab edges before you place the second slab.

Step 6.

Check if the tread is in line with the front edges using 100mm shim and spirit level. After it is being equaled, fill in all the joints using the mortar mixture.

Step 7.

Continue making the next step riser using the same method. Make sure that each riser has the same depth. You can make any necessary adjustment on every horizontal joint.

Step 8.

Finish the building of the riser for the steps. Don’t forget to always check the length of the tread. After the steps are complete, lay a long level onto the steps and see if they are all in line to each other. You can add some decorations on each side of the steps like adding small plants or some grass.