The Woodworking Guide and Projects For Beginners

Who said that woodworking is only for pros? Well, pros were once those common people who had interest in woods and its processing stages. Since you are interested about woodworking, why don’t you try to make the starter project as well? Don’t worry about failing; there are tricks to make great product.

  1. Treasure Chest

For this project you are going to need a short block of cedar wood. Cut half inch from the block to make a lid. Then you draw the hollow area; half inches from the ends and one inch from the sides. To make the hollow in the middle, you can use drill instead of chisel.

Start the drilling from the corners, then slowly make a way round to the middle. Make sure to stop approximately one inch from the bottom. Tidy up the box with chisel and apply sand paper to the lid.

  1. Wooden Sheath Knife

Since it is dangerous to leave the knife without any protection, try to design a cover. To make your own sheath, buy a poplar board, or any hardwood available near you. Cut the board to half inch thick and four inches wide. Make another board has half thickness.

Next step to do is to carve the groove. Take the thick board to the bench router and aim for U-shape channel. The trick is to start with shallow cut, then slowly go deeper. For knife sheath, make sure the gap is not too loose or too tight. At last, you could glue the boards and stain them.

  1. Candle Holder

Another simple project you could try is making a candle holder. Collect various leftover woods and cut it similar size. You could hollow the top two tiers before gluing the woods, but the circles might not match. To prevent this thing, you could drill the woods after gluing.

  1. Photo Frame

If you have thin leftover woods, you could make wood frame. First, find the suitable glass and decide the frame size. Never switch the process. To cut the 45 degrees angle, you have two choices: manual mitre box with a tenon saw or electric mitre saw. Double check the angle on a scrap timber.

Beginners think about a lot of stuffs before actually trying the project. Their biggest fear is doing some mistakes and produce fail product. Actually, there are ways to minimize these mistakes. For example: instead of using chisel to make a hole in the wood, you can start with drill press. All you need is the courage to do it!