Toy Catapult Plans

There are many things you are going to need when you plan to create your own catapult. Whether it is the small or the bigger version, both versions require its tools and materials. However, don’t forget the main function of catapult. To create a catapult toy that can work well, you have to create it with the correct steps too.

  1. Prepare the Tools and Materials

First of all, you have to look for the proper materials first before you collect the tools. If you decide to use woods as the materials, make sure that you will you woods with good quality. Once you have found the woods, it will be easier for you to decide what tools you are going to use.

However, you have to make sure that you have the basic tools like saw, drill, pliers and cutter since those tools are used to deal with wooden project.

  1. Cut the Woods into Rods

The first step you have to do with the materials is cut the woods and shape it into many rods. The number of the rods will depend on the design you want for the catapult. If you want to build small sized catapult, then cut the woods and shape it into short rods. If you want to build the large sized catapult, cut the woods and shape it into long rods.

  1. Create the Main Body

The aim of cutting and shaping the woods into rods is to create the main body. Actually, you can create the body with other shapes you want, but using rods and glue it is the simplest and the easiest way that worth trying. First of all, pick four rods and apply rubber bands to connect each rod. You can strengthen it using glue. Make sure that it has four corners.

After that, pick another four rods to create the left and the right side of the catapult until it creates triangle shape. To connect each side, add two more rods; the first one is on the edge of the triangle shape and the second one is on the middle of the triangle shape. The last additional rod is needed as the shooter, so attach it the middle of the body.

  1. Finishing

The last step is to decide what you will as the carrier on the shooter. Basically, there are also many things you can use, but if you want the practical one, you can attach a used bottle lid on the shooter. If the rubber bands are are not strong enough, you can attach the carrier using glue.