Tremendously Simple And Brilliant DIY Bottle Cap Projects For Beginners

Who says that you can’t make a pretty project with bottle caps? There are plenty of things you could create from a simple cap. They are great ideas to fill your spare time, without any killing instructions and easing your brains. Pair it up with simple office supplies and you are ready to begin the project.

Flower Cap

To begin this DIY, you are going to need a flat, circle base from a canned milk. Don’t forget to clean the circle and blunt the edges. Additional equipment for this project would be a strong glue and thin iron or aluminum for the stem.

Apply the glue on half of the wrinkle part. Put it on the circle base. Repeat the process and the first layer has been done. Using the same method, make the second layer. Mark the center using one bottle cap. If you daon’t like the writing on the bottle cap, you could paint the bottle cap before glued. Finish the project by attaching the stem.

Another variation requires two additional items: a nail and a hammer. Put the nail on the wrinkled part, then knocked it once, steadily and moderately strong with your hammer. You also need another circle base, but smaller than the previous one. Glue the back side of the cap, showing the wrinkled part. The center takes one cap to cover.

Wall Decoration

Do you additional decoration for your room? Instead of purchasing a new one, you could make a fancy one. Grab the pile of colorful cap bottles in your kitchen. You also need a plain board, small nails and twigs or yarn. If your board is not finished, then apply thin to thick coat on the board, according to your taste.

First of all, you have to draw the pattern. It could be anything you like: animals, everyday object, or even a simple alphabet or number. You could use pencil first before nailing the pattern. Then, you have to hammer the cap on the wood, inside of the area you made.

When you are done, make the nail level just slightly higher than the bottle. Then tie the yarn or twig randomly, filling the pattern and slightly cover the bottle caps. There you go: a cheap but classic decoration for the plain room.

Bottle caps are plain and often considered as waste. You can turn them into an artistic art by using simple techniques and steps. Let the guests admire how edgy a bottle cap could be. The products also become the representative of your skill in self-made project. Are you ready to start the project?