Trim Router Circle Jig – Rockler Woodworking Tools

Rockler is a true leading company in woodworking tools. After manufacturing bunches of woodworking tools for helping craftsmen do any detailed job in the woodworking, it now comes with a new tool named trim router circle jig. Not only is this tool helpful, it is also versatile. Know this tool further by checking the information below: 


Trim router circle jig is a new tool from Rockler that can help you cut circles with the diameter between 6”-36” using plunge-style new crop, and compact trim routers. This tool is lightweight and compact. This tool is also versatile as it can be sued for both the jobsite and small shops. What is even greater about this tool is that it is made of ¼” phenolic that can make the holes you drill more easily fit a router.


In addition to the benefits of using this tool, this trim router circle jig also offers other features that are also able to make your woodworking simpler. They are:

  • The tool help you get a flawless cut circles
  • The tool has a long lasting and tough phenolic core that comes in ¼”
  • The setup of the tool is easy, fast, and math-free.
  • The tool comes with hardware that can mount any kind of routers to the jig.
  • The tool is adjustable. Adjust it by simply sliding pivot pin’s center down or up the jig length to rout 6”-36” circles.
  • The tool comes with a T-bolt along with the tightening knob that has 4 stars. Use that to tighten the jig to the pivot pin’s center to prevent any slipping routing.
  • The tool is packed with 2-center pivot pins for various applications of routing.

The Routers that Need Predrilling 

Before using the tool for trimming, you need to predrill these routers:

  • Bosch Colt PR20EVSPK
  • DWP611PK from DeWalt
  • 450PK Porter Cable

What is Included in the Product Purchase 

Now that you already have a clearer picture of this trim router circle jig from Rockler, you may start considering buying one. Before making any purchase, make sure you already know what this product is packed with:

  • 1 piece of T-bolt with tightening knob that comes with 4 stars
  • 1 piece of Trim Router Circle Cutting Jig from Rockler
  • 2 pieces of Center Pivot Pins

This tool is indeed a great addition to woodworking tools. While the tool itself already offers so much help for your woodworking, it also comes with many additional features to complete its performance in your woodworking process. Are you planning to buy one now?