Wood Bending In Furniture Making

When you see any furniture or house appliances come in curve shape, you can’t help to wonder about the process. Wood is a solid material that comes in block shape. To make a curve edges, the carpenter only needs to cut small part of the item. Thus, to make a straight wood bend to a curve or circle, you will need some tricks under your sleeves.

  • Shaker Boxes

Is it your first time to try wood bending? Then make shaker boxes your first project. It takes copper or galvanized steel, hot plates, and distilled water. You also need solid prototype to bend the wood and tiny nails. To begin the project, pour water on the steel and turn on your stove. Make sure you have a lid to prevent the vapor to escape. While waiting for the water to boil, you could prepare thinly sliced oak wood with zig zag pattern at one end.

Toss the thin woods to the boiling water and close the lid. It is better to put the woods one by one. After several minutes, you could take out the wood. While it is pipping hot, bend it on the solid prototype and mark the crossing line. Nail the connectors. Voila! Your shaker box is ready! The last job to do is assembling the lower part and the lid.

  • House Furniture

Thinking about making a budget round table? Then turn the straight board to a curved one! You are going to take one of the traditional veneering method: the brick-laid surface into practice. Keep in your mind that not all woods are able to bend nicely. For the best result, it is suggested to take white oak. The first step is to make a long cut to your need. Just make sure to cut slightly longer than the real size.

Bring the long board to kerf machine. Notch it every 1/8 inch. You can make the gap wider or smaller according to your requirement. Be careful not to make too wide gap or the board will break. Start the bending process by clamping the middle part first. Then slowly push both sides to the base. There you go: a nice, bent and stable curvy board. Nail it to the main structure and cover the gap with putty.

Now that you have known the secret behind curved furniture, the steps seem far easier. Depending on the final product you are going to have, the technique is also varied. The thickness of the wood you are working with also matters. Continue your project and add a little thrill using the curvy bending. Good luck!