Wooden Armored Car Bank

Normally, car toys are made of stainless steel. Some factory also like to produce car toys made of plastic, surely with lower price. Simple car toys can also be made of used plastic bottles. But how if we want to build our own car toys using wood? Here are the steps

  1. Prepare the Tools and Materials

Prepare the tools that are often used to deal with woods. Actually you can use any tools you have as long as you can use it conveniently. In some projects, the tools will depend on the materials. Therefore, choose the wood that will ease you in the process. The basic tools for any wooden projects are usually saw, drill, cutter, etc. Don’t forget to use any measuring tools in the project.

  1. Start from the Body

It’s fair to say that the main part of making wooden armored car bank is its body. Once you have created the body, you can say that you have reached the 50% of the project. The body can be divided into six parts; the upper part, the down part, the front part, the back part and the two sides part. To build the body from those six parts, provide six cuts of wood with different size.

Each size depends on how big the body of wooden armored car bank will be. However, create to sides that have the same size. It will be used for windows side on the right and the left of the wooden armored car bank.

  1. Attach the Wheels

Once you have done with the body, you can start creating the wheels. Normally, the wooden armored car bank will have four wheels. However, you can create eight cuts of wood into circle. It means that each wheel of the wooden armored car bank willbe made of two sided circle wood. Before you install the wheels, make a hole on the centre of each wheels.

Make sure that the size of each hole is the sameforeach wheel. Otherwise, the wheels cannot be attached properly. Prepare a rounded stick with the exact diameter with the hole to connect each wheel. To attach all wheels to the main body, you can glue the both sticks for the wheel to the down part of the wooden armored car bank.

  1. Finishing

After all parts are settled, your last job is to make all sides of the wooden armored car bank smooth. Make sure that you leave no sharp edges since it can hurt your kids’ hands. After that, you can decide what the most suitable color for the wooden armored car bank. Normally, all armored cars for bank are black colored, so paint it black.