Wooden Concrete Truck Plans – Wooden Toy Plans and Projects

Step 1:

  • Find the complete plan for assembling the wooden concrete truck. The plan should be completed with the truck templates. Print the templates as their actual sizes. Then, draw the templates onto the scrap wood and cut all pieces.
  • All pieces of the truck can be easily cut and assembled. You just need to glue all the joints and leave them dry for stronger result.
  • As the project doesn’t need larger wood pieces, you can use the scrap wood from your workshop. Choose the wood that is straight and even. Also, choose wood without any knots or damages as these two can create some problems when building and assembling the truck.
  • Before starting the project, learn the instructions first and choose proper wood for your truck.

  • Cut all pieces on their actual sizes based on the templates. Cut the templates carefully using band saw or scroll saw.
  • Before all pieces are being built, make sure to do the cutting, drilling, shaping, rounding and smoothing each piece of the truck.
  • Glue each piece one by one. Make sure that everything is fitted properly.
  • Assemble all parts based on the dimension. Assemble all pieces using the glue. You can use rubber band or transparent tape to hold the pieces altogether until the glue is set.
  • The construction of the concrete truck includes the chassis, the cab, the hood, and the hollow drum along with its components.

Step 2:

  • Start the assembly from the chassis. Cut the chassis (A) based on the template. After the chassis is cut, sand all edges for smooth and nice look. After the chassis is ready, all pieces of the concrete truck are mounted one by one onto the chassis.
  • After the chassis is ready, cut the hood piece and assemble the hood using glue. When the glue is set, attach the hood onto the front of the chassis.
  • Build the cab. Cut the upper cab and the lower cab. Connect the upper and lower cap using some glue. When is set, drill the hole into the upper part of the cab as the sitting for people. When the cab is ready, attach the cab onto the chassis and at the back of the hood. Secure the joint using glue.

Step 3:

  • Insert the side supports to hold the hollow drum in place. The sides are placed in line with the chassis. Leave the gap between the sides as the place to assemble the concrete drum.
  • Install the concrete drum onto the chassis. Secure the connection with glue.
  • Add other parts of the truck such as the headlights, the axles and the wheels.
  • When the components are all assembled, coat the concrete truck and paint it if you like.