Wooden Deuce Coupe Plan – Children’s Wooden Toy Plans and Projects


All templates to build this toy car are shown in the picture. Print the templates in their actual size and glue them all onto some scrap wood or any other similar materials.

Step by Step Instructions

Step 1:

  • Prepare the materials and tools for this project. If you want to make the process of assembly much easier, you can use epoxy rather than clamp to hold the pieces in place while being glued on. Shape all pieces together and then cut them to length. It will help you do the project safely as you maintain your distance off the blade when doing some difficult cuts. For the wood, you can combine more than one kind of wood.
  • Cut the pieces into sizes used for the body and the platform of the car. After the body and the platform are ready, drill some axle holes into the platform and also into the bodies as for people. Band saw or sand the front end of car body to build the shape.
  • Crosscut the car body into its length and then secure it onto the platform using epoxy.
  • Drill 7/32” hole at the car’s back end as for the spare tire and axle.

Step 2:

  • Cut the radiator as to its size and then chamfer the top edge with a sand block and 100 grit sandpaper.
  • Attach the radiator onto the front part of the car body and secure the joint using epoxy.
  • Sand and file the radiator edges to match the body’s taper.
  • After the epoxy is set, make some drilling holes as for the radiator caps. Cut the caps and attach them onto the radiator with epoxy.

Step 3:

  • Build the bumper. Use long strip sized 5/16” x 5/16”, attach the template and cut it to length. Tilt the miter gauge up to 45 degree and then trim all ends. Attach the bumper onto the platform end and secure the joint using epoxy. Make sure that the bumper is perpendicular.
  • Shape the fender using band saw and drill press. Attach the template of the fender onto the scrap wood and cut it. Drill some holes as for the wheels. Shape the fender using band saw and sand it until all edges are smooth. Attach the fender to the car’s body and platform using epoxy.
  • While attaching the fender, you can also attach the people into the car’s body.
  • Build the cab and roof for the car. The roof and the cab are made of 3/8” cherry wood. Cut these pieces longer than actual sizes. Mark the edges of the pieces for the taper. Sand the taper until all edges are smooth.

  • Cut the roof into length and start building rear and front window frames. Drill the entry holes at each corner of the window with ¼” bit. Use blade to cut out the window waste. Smooth the window openings with sandpaper and file. Cut the frames of the window to size.
  • Cut the back rest into length. Smooth the top edges and attach the back rest onto the car body.
  • Attach the roof.
  • Give some finishing touch. Smooth all edges and paint the car as you like.