Wooden Fire Truck Plans

We all agree that fire trucks have more complicated shape and structure compared to any other types of truck; eespecially when we compare it to any ordinary types of car toys that are easily made. We will think harder about how to create a good fire truck toy. However, it’s never impossible to be done. With the right materials, tools and correct steps, we all can make a fire truck toy.

  1. Prepare the Tools and Materials

As it was mentioned before, it requires right materials, tools and correct steps to build a good wooden fire truck. Hence, you have to make sure that you have all the tools first. Since you know that the fire truck will be made of wooden, you will also have to look for good quality woods. Before start creating the fire truck, prepare the working tools like saw, drill, cutter, and the measuring tools around you.

  1. Create the Main Body

Undoubtedly, the main body of the fire truck will be the most complicated part to be made. Since there are so many types that you can use a reference in making the fire truck, the level of difficulty will be based on the reference you choose.

However, most of fire trucks we have seen have some ladders on it for emergency cases. That’s where the difficult part comes from. Creating the ladders is more difficult than creating the main body.

In creating the body, you can choose any designs you want as the reference. For the ladders, you have to make sure that you prepare good quality woods as the materials. Make three ladders that can be attached to the main body; two ladders attached on the right and left side of the fire truck and the last one attached on the middle.

  1. Need more Wheels

As we know, fire trucks have larger body than any other trucks or car toys. It also makes them need more wheels for the entire body. If normal car or truck toys can have four wheels only, you will need at least two additional wheels for the truck. Overall, the fire truck requires six wheels. It means that you have to cut the woods into circle shape for twelve times. As usual, each wheel requires two circle shaped woods. Attach two wheels for the front part and four wheels for the back part.

  1. Finishing

Before you want to paint or add color to the fire truck, make sure that all parts are already smoothen first. Scour the entire details of the fire truck and make sure that you don’t leave any sharp edges on the body.