Wooden Logging Truck Plans – Wooden Toy Plans and Projects

Step 1:

  • First step is to cut the timber. Cut the templates and attach them onto the wood.
  • Cut the truck cab piece. Then, shape it by smoothing all edges. Prepare the upper cab and the lower cab. Attach both cabs using some glue and clamp them to hold the joint.
  • Cut the oversized piece for the truck grill. Rout grooves into it using V-groove bit.
  • Cut oversized piece of wood as for the truck engine and then press the shape. Attach the grill onto the engine. Then, attach this assembly onto the truck’s lower cab.
  • Make the truck base pattern onto some maple wood and cut it using ½” blade and the table saw. Drill a hole into the truck base using the drill press. Attach the engine and the cab in place.
  • Drill 7/32” holes in the engine and the grill as for the radiator cab and the headlight. Use some axles for it.
  • Assemble the radiator cab and the headlight into the holes. Make additional three axles as to secure the running lights. Hold the running light using the pliers and level one side of it against the belt sander. Then, round over the light’s tail end using hand. Attach all running lights into truck cab roof.
  • Prepare dowels as for hitch and smokestack. Drill 1/8” hole into lower smokestack. Joint the upper stack and lower stack using some glue. Assemble the smokestack and also the hitch in the truck base holes.

  • Cut the stack top up to 45 degrees and this stack top need to be in line with the cab roof.
  • Build the fenders from oversized ½” walnut. Drill the wheel wells using 1 ½” bit. Sand the edges of the fenders and then attach them onto the truck. Ensure that the wheel wells are in the middle part of the axle holes.
  • Build the bumper from walnut wood and sand the edges. Attach this bumper into the fenders and the truck base.
  • Split the barrels in half as for the gas tank. After cutting the barrels into size, attach them onto the truck. Attach the flat end of the truck into the fenders precisely.

Step 2:

  • For the log trailer, make sure to stave equally sized holes. Use maple wood as for the rails and outline the holes. Cut both rails using band saw at the same time.
  • Prepare the bed. Sand the angled front part of the bed. Attach the rails onto the bed and ensure that the glue doesn’t drop into truck stave holes.
  • Build truck trailer base and make some axle hole drills. Attach the base into the bed underside and drill ¼” holes as for the supports. Attach two dowels into the holes.
  • Build the staves from 3/8” block. Adjust the size of the staves as to fit inside the truck bed holes.
  • Cut the dowels as for the logs.

  • Apply some coating of oil finishing into the axles, the wheel hubs, the logs and the truck.
  • After the coating is dry, attach the wheels onto the axles. Then, secure the axles into the trailer and truck bases. Make sure that all wheels are spinning freely.