Wooden Mobile Crane Project

The novice wood makers might not believe when they heard about wooden toy that could bend and straighten the parts without breaking, like in a mobile crane toy. It is not surprising, since they are not yet learning the trick. This project requires intermediate level of wood crafting skill. The novices must prepare themselves to keep up.

Learning the Plan

To get the perfect product, the first thing to do is learning the plan. It helps to determine how many woods the carpenters will use. It is suggested to purchase the type of wood that is easy to cut. The good thing about the mobile crane project is the absence of big wood piece. The wood makers could make use of the scrap hardwood, too.

In addition, the wood makers should be patients and meticulous. It is important to draw the 2D models and use it to draw on the wood surface. Then, the wood could be cut using scroll saw or band saw.

Assembling Parts

Before putting all the pieces together, the wood makers should do the final sanding. This include not only shaping the parts, but also drilling, smoothing and rounding all the sharp edges. Then, try to dry fit the parts. If they match well, then proceed with gluing. If it doesn’t, better make the new one.

Keep in mind that finished piece is quite difficult to alter. Also, all the pieces will be attached together by using glue only. Therefore, the carpenters need tape or rubber band to hold the pieces together until the glue dries. Find any excess glue and gently wipe them out.

Building the Final Form

The number of the mobile crane parts might be overwhelming. However, it won’t seem too complicated if the wood makers could divide the big project into smaller ones. For instance, the whole steps could be divided into several parts assembly: chassis, crane beam, cab and crane beam base.

The truck itself is a separated unit, which will be the base to attach the details. After putting all pieces together, the only thing left is painting the product. The function is to protect the fragile wooden surface. The elegant one would be a layer of wood furnish, but colorful painting will be great, too.

Is it possible to make complicated project from woods? The answer is “yes”. As long as the wood makers know the tricks, even technical miniature mobile crane could be made. Make sure to read the instruction well before starting the project. It is also recommended to draw rough blue print.