Wooden Toy Truck Plans – Wooden Toy Plans and Projects

Step 1. Use sticky tape with double sided to keep two pieces altogether. Cut the shape of truck body very carefully using jigsaw or the truck chassis. Make some marks on all wheels’ position and the lever arm of the hinge pin prior removing the paper templates from the scrap wood. Drill the wheels’ holes only. Leave the lever arm with no holes in it. Sand all edges for smooth and nice look.

Step 2. Once the chassis is ready, you can start making the cabin and the engine hood for the truck. Glue the bonnet top to the right side of the truck body. Ensure that this bonnet top is perpendicular. Use the hot glue to quickly set.

The result of this hot melt glue is not disappointed as the joint also becomes very strong. Do the trim so that it matches the bonnet angle. Glue the piece in place. Then, glue them and make sure that it is at right angles. Attach the left side of the truck with some glue. Then, attach the roof.

Step 3. Build the truck piece that is the hinge used for tipper tray. Then, keep it in place and measure the size for cutting. Leave one millimeter for the clearance. Hold the tripper tray floor in place, then, make two drill holes for two wood screws. Check the movement of trim and tripper.

Determine position of the hinge as it will be very useful to set the limits on how far the rotation of the tripper tray. After the hinge is in place, make some drilling holes on each side of the hinge. Take the tripper tray and then glue the hinge with wood screws as for clamps. After the glue is dry, trim the hinge into size. Remove the wood screws and insert the dowels.

Step 4. Build the tripper tray by gluing both sides of the tray and also the front side. After the glue is set, insert the tripper tray onto the truck body. As shown in the picture, the lever arm is kept in place using wood screw.

Mark the lever arm position onto the tripper tray underside. As shown in the picture, drill a thin hole on the tripper tray as the place for the lever arm resting in position. As all pieces are finished to assemble, give some finishing touch onto the truck. You can sand all edges and then paint it according to your color choice.