Wooden Toy Truck Plans – Wooden Toy Plans and Projects

This project will be making wooden toy dump truck. The design is really suitable for beginners. Before making the project, it is better if you read the instructions thoroughly. Each piece of the toy is assembled in a way that each step need some time to make the glue dry.

Step 1. Cut the wood pieces for the tipper of the truck. The tipper can be made from any materials that you have. You can use 6mm plywood or 12mm board. After the tipper piece is ready, attach the tipper front and floor first using the glue until forming L-shape. Leave the assembly to let the glue dry.

Cut the truck pieces. While waiting the glue to set, cut the truck pieces from ¾” wood scrap as shown in the picture. Laminate the pieces which are for the hinge and the cab. Leave them altogether as one set for later usage. Clamp two pieces for the chassis altogether and then make some drill holes sized 6mm. Use the drill press to measure that these holes are at right angles.

Step 2. Draw the template of the hinge pin. It is supposed that when the tipper is rotating around the chassis rear end, the hinge will block perfectly aligned with the rear axle. Make sure that there will be enough clearance in this part. Use a card and mark the holes with a thin pencil or a center punch. Don’t forget to mark the chassis outline.

Use the compass to make the circle mark out for giving enough clearance into truck’s axle dowel.

Make some drill holes as for the hinge pin. Remember on how the truck hinge sits onto the chassis. For the hinge pin, make a drill with 6mm diameter as shown in green color. For the chassis, drill the holes sized 8mm and the spot is shown in red dot. Cut the hinge pin with previous paper template. Connect the tipper pieces as shown in the picture. The part with the shade shows the shadow line of the edges.

Step 3. Sand the cab for smooth end. Drill a hole as for the windows with 22mm drill bit. Then, cut two axle dowels for appropriate length. Prepare fraction extra to be used for plastic washers. Mark out the chassis with red color.

Glue the chassis onto this red line. Use the axle dowels to make this joint in place. The picture shows the position of the hinge pin. Sand the hinge pin to make it thinner for free rotation. Ensure that the hinge clearing the rear axle. The red line is the hinge pin sitting on top of the chassis. It is for the tipper clearance for resting along the chassis back.

Step 4. As the hinge in its position, attach the tipper on the chassis and leave 1mm gap from the cab back. Make two drill holes to secure the tipper onto the chassis as shown in the picture. Secure the joint using the screws to hold the tipper in place until the glue dry. Replace the screws with two dowels prior the finishing.

For the finishing, drill some holes on the chassis as for the axles to make the wheels spin freely. Prepare the plastic washers from milk cartoon’s plastic and hollow punch. Give little candle wax all over the axle to make it lubricated. Glue both ends of the axle as to hold the wheels in their positions. Sand all truck pieces. Give finishing as you like.