Wooden Toy Wagon Plans

It’s safe to say that using wood to build your own kids wagon will be easier than using any other materials. Besides the fact that wood is environmentally friendly, you will also find it simpler in the process. Building toys for your kids by your own is much easier when you decide to use wood as the main material.

  1. Prepare the Tools

First of all you have to prepare the tools. The tools that you’re going to need are actually the basic tools that you always use whenever you are dealing with woods; like saw and drill. To support the basic tools, you will need to use cutter, pliers and screws. Don’t forget to also use any measuring tools to make sure that you will all the measuring processes correctly.

  1. Building the Platform

After you have prepared the tools, it’s time to start the project. In this case, the platform of the wagon is its main body and its wheels. For the body, you can decide the size you are going to use. Cut the wood using the saw to create the proper body size for the wagon.

After finishing the body, start building the wheels for the wagon. For the wheels, you can choose whether you will use three or four wheels. Shape the wood into circle then drill on the middle of the wheels, so that they can be attached to the main body.

  1. Attaching Handle

For the handle, basically you can choose whether you simply using rope or you will also use the wood. In case you are going to use wood, you will need to add extra space under the main body. The extra space is needed to install the additional woods for the handle base.

On the front side of the wagon, you will need the main base for the handle so that you can install a stick for the handle on the main base. Drill the base to provide some space for the handle. You can decide the length of the handle as convenient as you want.

  1. Finishing

The last step is to smoothen the whole part of the wagon. Scour all sides of the wood and make sure you don’t leave something sharp on it. After you make sure that all sides are already scoured, you can paint the wagon with the color you want. Make sure that the tint is environmentally friendly and your kids will like it.