Wooden Wrecker Plan – Children’s Wooden Toy Plans and Projects


The dimension for this wooden wrecker is shown in the picture.

Step 1:

  • For this project, as for the satisfying result, prepare close-grained wood like maple, birch or poplar as these kinds of woods can be sanded until smooth as well as are not easy to splinter.
  • Start the project by cutting all pieces for the tow truck.
  • Start to assemble the wood pieces which are used as the chassis. Smooth all edges using the sand.
  • After the chassis is ready, start making the cab. Don’t forget to make the upper cab and the lower cab. Smooth all edges. Then, connect both upper and lower cab with glue. Then insert the cab onto the chassis with some glue. Leave it dry.
  • Assemble the truck bed. Joint all pieces using glue. After the bed is ready, attach it behind the cab.

  • At each side of the bed, drill one hole as for the dowel. After the dowel is being inserted, attach the wheel on each side of the dowel and secure the joint using screws.
  • The headlights located in part B are drilled using 3/8” drill bit.
  • Sand the edges until round over the sides’ (F) back corners and also the truck bumper’s ends (P).
  • After all pieces are ready and you just need to assemble the truck, it is suggested to use several screws to secure the joint onto the boom and the bed.

Step 2:

  • When drilling the axle holes throughout the truck body, do it with extra care as the holes are only centered 3/16” from the bottom of the truck.
  • When attaching the crack of the tow truck, make some ½” drilling holes throughout both sides of the crank as for accepting the shaft.
  • Insert ½” dowel rod shaft and then glue the wheels on each side of the crank.
  • Drill a hole sized ¼” throughout one wheel and ½” into the side. Then, rotate the wheel up to 180 degrees and reinsert the drill throughout the wheel hole as to make second hole into the side.
  • Glue the dowel handle (K) in its position so that it will be extended up to ½” from the crank wheel and reach the end of dowel.

  • This mechanism will make the crank wheel locked whenever any cars are being hoisted.
  • When you have assembled all pieces of the tow truck, give some finishing touch. You can coat and paint the tow truck as your wish.