Woodworking Project – How to Build a Storage Step Stool for Kids

Teaching the kids and toddlers to brush their teeth and wash their face couldn’t be any more fun with the colorful step stools. Before you find the idea to make a customized step, asking the kids to enter the bathroom would be hard and difficult. Moreover, the kids will discover things under their steps.

  • Preparing the Tools

Before you lay your hands on the project, there are several things you have to prepare: boards, saw, ruler, screws, wood glue, sand paper, hinges and paint. For the board, it would be easier to purchase the 12 x 8 inches board. Later on, you could draw the pattern on the board.


  • Drawing The Pattern

You have to draw two pieces of 14 inches. These cuts would be used as the sides. For the panel, cut two boards of 12 and half inches. The bottom of the storage takes up to 5½ inches, only one piece. Don’t forget the toe kick; 5¼ inches, and last the step tops. You are going to cut two of 7½ inches pieces.

  • Preparing The Cuts

Next job to do is cutting the lines you have drawn. After you get blocks of pieces, think about the practical use: will you need some curves on the sides for hand grip? If your answer is yes, then grab your mitter saw and start the curve cutting. After that, you can make the surface smooth using paper sand.

  • Dry-Fitting

Then, you are going to do what is called a dry fit. Put the pieces on their places and see if they could fit each other perfectly. Should there be anything you want to change, this is the last chance to do so. If there is nothing you want to change, then take the wood glue. Apply it evenly to the bottom surface, and press the board to another board.

  • Finishing

Let the glue dry for an hour or two. The next job to do is nailing the hinges to its place. If there are kids around, make sure you give enough space to prevent bad things. Now that the steps get its proper shape, let the kids handle the finishing process: staining.

Who knows that simple things could make a big difference for the kids behavior? Make your own step to help the kids reach the sink in the bathroom. Grab the standard carpentry equipments: boards, saw, nails, and hammer. You could even ask the kids to paint the step by themselves. How exciting!