Stacking Rings Hamburger Toy

Do you only have scrap project to start the project? Why don’t you try the ring hamburger stack toy? It takes minimum requirements to bring out medium to maximum perfection. Forget about high skills some people have to afford the great result. With simple painting, you could make something amazing.

  1. Choosing The Scrap Woods

After piling up the scrap woods in the house, you must do simple screening to them. First, consider the thickness of the wood. You are going to need equally or almost equal thick woods for the buns. Different wooden types won’t be the problem: you can always paint them later.


Then, for the ingredients like bacon, sunny side eggs, lettuce, etc, make the appearance as close as possible to the real object. This rule applies particularly when you want to teach your toddlers about food. That would be some thin woods for the veggies and a medium thick wood for the protein.

  1. Cut The Materials

For the bun, you might need help from the nearest carpenter to help you make a beautiful curve. Having a square board will give you sandwich instead of burger. As for the other properties, you could think about the pattern of certain veggies. Draw it first, then cut it using a mitter saw.

When you are done with the cutting, proceed with the hollowing process. Prepare a screw drill and change the eye drill. The holes on the woods must be half inches bigger than the actual pole. It will help the woods to slips easier. Don’t forget to sand the woods after that.


  1. Paint The Ingredients

Re-stack the woods from the pole and trace every edge to make sure that the surface is smooth. The next step would be painting. Using the real picture of the veggies, bacon and sunny eggs, you could start the painting process. Don’t go overboard with the coloring technique: shading is good enough for this project.

For example, you can start with lettuce. Paint the wood with light green, then double the layer with darker green on the edges and inn the center. Slightly brush the double coat to the outer side to create 3D effect. Repeat similar process on another side and the other woods.

Help your children to learn about burgers and the ingredients. It comes out from scrap woods and minimum painting skills. A hole in the middle of the each layer helps the toddlers to stack properly. Now that you have made a burger stack from waste board, there is no excuse to stop being creative, right?