Woodworking Project – The Awesomest Jelly Bean Dispenser Ever

Do you want something different for the candies and sweets? What about making unique dispenser? It takes simple equipments and low carpentry skill. You only need to master in simple lining, cutting, drilling, and gluing. Invest your time to create something fun and fancy, all in low cost budget and skill.

  • The Materials

Take a note of the long lists of materials you are going to buy. It would be board, sandpaper, wood glue, small nails (long enough to join two boards, but not exceeding the length of the boards), and screws. Arriving at home, go to the equipment stock and check your tools.

For this project, you will need tape measure, pencil, crosscut saw, 7/8 inches spade bits, screwdriver, wood screws, and flat head brads. If you miss even one of the equipment above, it is suggested to go back to the store and purchase them. Don’t forget to prepare the jelly beans inside a canned lid jar.

  • Building Process

Start the preparation by cutting the wood pieces according to the proper size. For the top and base, measure the board to 1½ x 5½ x 5½ inches. The dispenser requires two of these boards. The sides are smaller than the top. The board is measured to 1½ x 1¾ x 5½ inches. To replicate the dispenser, you also need sliding board. The size of this board is 1 x 1 7/8  x 11 inches.

After you cut the boards to the size, sand the surface using sand paper. Take 1 base board and two side boards. Put the sides on top of the base. First, glue them on the board, then flip the board and drill in three screws to the board, connecting the side and base boards.

The last top should be drilled on the middle, using the 7/8 inch eye drill. Glue it on the previous base. Take the sliding board, make half inch hollow on both ends and stuck the wooden peg inside. Don’t forget to make 7/8 holes with 3/8 inch depth on the sliding board.

Set the jar lid on the hollowed base. Install the slide and see whether the holes match. Lastly, you could bring the jar filled with beans to the lid.

The process of building a dispenser is not as difficult as you think. As long as you could make precise measurement on the board, the cutting and drilling process shouldn’t be difficult. When the pieces has glued together, you are half way done. The last thing to do is installing the jelly bean jar on the top. Bon appetit!