Woodworking Projects Tips: Wall-Mounted Workbench

Workbench is so important for your project, so you have to find an alternative to transform the limited space in your house into a personal studio. Since floor is not possible, what about occupying the wall? It is totally possible to make a wall-mounted workbench. The process is not far from the usual techniques, either.

  • Required Parts

To build the wall mounted workbench, you will need 3600 and 2100mm thick wood. For the 3600 one, the width should be 50×50, while the 2100 ones take two measurements: 50×25 and 25×25. This size is possible for raw wood materials. Some stores, however, sell the one with dressed surface. As the result, the thickness and width might be varied.

Don’t forget to purchase strong hook and wire cable. The hook will hold the bench attached to the wall, while the wire cable acts as the arms in lower position. Considering that the wood might be too heavy for the hook, you need a proper screws or nails for this purpose.


  • Installation

There are two crucial processes in the installation; wall fixing and wire cable assembling. Make sure you provide precise distance between holes in the pivot point. Don’t be afraid to pass the trial and error stage while finding the perfect position.

  • Wall Fixing

One rule you should keep in your mind: secure nailing or screwing. To be able to do this, you have to bring the appropriate screws or nails. If you are using standard frame, then the 45 degree screwing technique should be applied. It clasps the frame tightly to the wall. You need another hook to catch the wire cable. For this hook, it should be installed in line with the frame.

  • Wire Cable

If you can’t find wire cable, another available option is chain. The wire cable is similar to the one found in bicycle brake. You could also buy the old brake and cut the plastic cover outside. Make sure the wire or chain could perform its job well: to hold the lower shelf when you put it down. Adjust the length so the arm makes 90 degrees angle.


Wood crafting project takes up a lot of spaces. Unfortunately, not all houses have enough space to cover the huge workbench. Does it mean you have to give up the dream of having your own working studio? Not at all! You still have an option to build the wall-mounted work bench. Are you ready to do the process?