Best Woodworking Projects For Beginners

You just closed the tabs about wood crafting and ready to pick your first project. Then the new tab opened, while you are not sure where to begin with. One of the walls that limits your creativity is the project level. Make sure the chosen task has the appropriate difficulty level for your first ever project.

  • Wooden Tray

If you are a practical person, then you might be unsure about making a decorative stuff.  In this case, you could make a tray. It is a useful daily stuff, which could be an eccentric decoration as well.

Line up some boards and glue the sides so you would get rectangle shape. To make sure that these boards are not moving, you will need two more boards, placed on each end. Nail these board to their corner. For the handle, you could use vintage style door handle. Go to a thrift shop for affordable items. Screw the handles in the middle of each end.

  • Sofa Sleeve

Do you enjoy movies? Then you must share the hardship of holding your cola or coffee. Placing the cups on the table makes you have to put extra effort to grab them. However, holding the cups or putting them on your laps is too risky. Why don’t you make a sofa sleeve?

Cut your board to fit the frame of your sofa sleeve. Make sure it would be tight enough to attach on the sofa. Next thing to do is hollowing the new sleeve. Take your favorite cup and mark the outer circle. Use your saw to do the circling job. Dry-fit the pieces and if you are satisfied, glue or nail the wood pieces.

  • Cloth Hanger

Only have one board to work with? Don’t worry! You still have option to make a crafty art. Stain the wood to your favorite shades. To get the perfect color, apply thin layers several times until you get the desired result. Set the board aside and let it dry for several hours.

Mark the spots to install the hooks. Using this guidance, put the hook on its place and drill the screw inside. Repeat the same process until you have screwed all the hooks.

There is no doubt that challenging project would be more interesting than the simple ones. However, as a first timer it is better to practice your skills on the project that requires less skills yet produces awesome item. Show what you have got with these simple and creative project first! Next time, the project should be bigger…